Empowering wellness
one test at a time.


Empowering Wellness
one test at a time.

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Ensuring the right diagnosis and increasing patient satisfaction through precise, CDC-recommended highly-sensitive nucleic acid detection and innovative specimen collection.

SimplySTI is an innovative multiplex PCR and serology-based platform which provides fast, highly sensitive, specific, and accurate detection of the major pathogens associated with sexually transmitted infections (STI).

  • Most comprehensive test menu covering 13 STI associated pathogens

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple STI pathogens from a single specimen

  • Multiple sample types accepted: saliva, urine, blood, vaginal swab, lesion swab

  • Better detection rate compared to culture-based technologies (18% vs. 3%)1

SimplySTI has one of the most expansive sample type offerings for STI testing, which includes the first saliva-based clinical assay for Mpox (Monkeypox).

[1] Comprehensive Screening for Sexually Transmitted Pathogens.  Medlab Management.  Sept-Oct. 2014. Vol 3 #5

Diagnose and monitor the treatment of hormonal disorders reliably, accurately, and pain-free using saliva. Reports demonstrate an increase in overall test participation & on-going compliance with frequent testing regimens when saliva is offered.(+ Saliva Benefits)

  • Testosterone

  • Cortisol (Single)

  • Cortisol 24

  • Estrogen (Coming Soon)

  • Progesterone (Coming Soon)

  • DHEA (Coming Soon)

[2] Dhima, M., Salinas, T. J., Wermers, R. A., Weaver, A. L., & Koka, S. (2013). Preference changes of adult outpatients for giving saliva, urine and blood for clinical testing after actual sample collection. Journal of prosthodontic research, 57(1), 51–56. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpor.2012.09.004

In some it may be easy to spot, however, in the vast majority, there may be dangerous and damaging periodontal disease pathogens hiding that can’t be identified by a perio-probe or a visual exam.

  • Many healthcare providers can miss the critical link between oral health and a patient’s dramatic increase in major disease risk.

  • Biofilm often contain harmful bacteria including Fusobacterium, Streptococcus, Prevotella, Porphyromonas, & Actinomyces.

  • Noninvasive testing drives early detection, effective treatment, & disease monitoring and prevention.

  • Testing drives clinical insights for an informed hand off and medical diagnosis opportunity.

  • Testing empowers holistic patient understanding and offers true life-saving treatment.

  • Testing adds practice value, drives patient loyalty, & delivers the highest level of patient care.

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